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Becoming an Agent of Change
During Massive Disruption

MARCH 3, 2021

How do you navigate massive disruption — and win? Tony Hunter knows how. Throughout his career as a CEO, strategist, and change agent, he has helped companies reinvent themselves, emerge stronger and positioned to capitalize in the marketplace. He believes in thinking bigger, acting bolder, translating strategy into action, and aligning more quickly around a shared vision using his “orgagility” method. As CEO for The McClatchy Company, Tony charts a digital, sustainable path focused on customers, operational excellence, and organizational agility, which operates 30 media companies in 14 states. 
With a keen ability to lead from the front and promote enterprise-wide culture change, Tony led transformational efforts as CEO for Tribune Publishing. In 2008, he took the reins as Publisher of the Chicago Tribune during a historic economic downturn. With the help of a strong team, he successfully led the organization through bankruptcy and its emergence as a publicly traded company. 
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From Multi-Billion Dollar IPOs, to Public Policy—Transformational Leadership in Practice

FEBRUARY 17, 2021

Transformational leadership is a style in which leaders encourage, inspire, and motivate employees to innovate and create change to grow and shape the success of the company. 

Keith Krach, former Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy & the Environment, will provide key insights stemming from his vast experience leading in extraordinary IPO stories like DocuSign and Ariba as Chairman & CEO. Under his leadership, DocuSign became the industry leader in digital transaction management, while Ariba achieved market capitalization of $40 billion once they went public.
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Why Entrepreneurs Should
Think Like a Kid

FEBRUARY 3, 2021

Entrepreneurship rates have been on an upward trend in the U.S. for the past 19 years, according to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. Being an entrepreneur is hard work with almost three-quarters, or 70 percent, of small business owners working more than 40 hours a week. It involves a great deal of sacrifice and dedication, but it can also be very rewarding.

Ripe for Disruption – What the Future Holds for Businesses in 2021

JANUARY 20, 2021

Disruptive Innovator and Futurist Daniel Burris knows how to turn disruption and change into opportunity and advantage. He’s considered one of the world’s leading experts on global trends and disruptive innovation. At a time when disruption seems at its peak, Daniel shares how to become an “Anticipatory Leader,” predicting change, accelerating growth and creating optimal results.


JANUARY 6, 2021

In 2018, there were over 759,000 franchise establishments in the U.S. with an output of $787 billion and employing over 8 million people. The numbers are impressive, but like every other business, franchises have been affected by the pandemic. 

We will learn the strategies that were implemented in franchises across the country to help them thrive, how to recreate a winning model, and what the future holds for the overall industry.
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